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The Big Website Hosting Dilemma

The most common problem business owners contact me about is issues with hosting. Most website designers and service providers resell hosting to their clients.  The over-riding thought is that clients should be hooked into a renewable income for the designer or developer from their hosting.  I do not agree with and do not participate in this practice.  Here’s why:

If you host your website with a reseller, you have to get support from that reseller – not the actual hosting provider.  If anything happens to your reseller, you can lose access to your website server.

I have helped far too many clients recover their websites or deal with unhelpful and unco-operative host resellers.  Did you know that you could buy hosting from a reseller, only for them to sell your account to someone else?

I only advocate clients buying their hosting direct from the best providers in the business, with world-class support for even the least confident technophobe.

Some developers and designers use hosting resale as a method of tying in their clients, presenting what they do as a bit ‘woo’, as some kind of dark art.

I don’t expect my clients to learn or need to know any of that ‘woo’ but I do believe they should have direct ownership and control of their hosting account and domain names. I get a small referral fee instead of reselling cheap hosting at a higher price, and I will always be 100% transparent about that.

At the moment, I have three unwavering hosting recommendations for clients who do not want a cloud hosted website such as SquareSpace, Weebly or Wix where hosting is taken care of as part of the platform.  For WordPress, Joomla, PHP and any other platform requiring hosting I recommend the following:  


SiteGround is hosting over 2,000,000 domains while making website owners less stressed, more productive, and hopefully just a little happier. Their customer satisfaction rate over all those clients is at 98%, growing every year for the past five years.

This very website is hosted with Siteground, located on UK servers, with unlimited email and at amazing prices. You can also register domains with them once you have opened a hosting account.

SiteGround support is legendary, and as I often contact them via client accounts I know first hand that they do not expect everyone contacting them to be a technical expert, quite the opposite.

There are plans available for the smallest to the largest websites and a full range of technology and security options.

If you are choosing WordPress there is no better option – WordPress recommends Siteground.  They’ll even install it for you, along with free SSL (so your website is secure and visitors know it is).

There are so many great things I could tell you about SiteGround but it’s all on their website so do click through to find out more.


Namecheap is a new addition to our recommended hosts, primarily for their highly flexible, scaleable and affordable hosting services. You will never be stuck for hosting options with Namecheap!

Their Stellar range of shared server hosting services are offered on pay monthly and pay annually plans which are ideal for small business owners wanting flexible business-level hosting and support at a low cost to entry.

Even their lowest-priced hosting service includes hosting for up to 3 websites, SSL and email in the price, with the option of being located on UK based servers. This along with great service and support.  They also offer managed WordPress and a whole host of additional products and services as your website and business grows.

As their name suggests, Namecheap are highly competitive on domain name registrations and if you buy your domain name from them, there is no cost to transfer in or to connect your domain when using their hosting so worth checking them out for registrations too.

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