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Are You Engaging With Social Media Marketing?

Is your business is already making use of Social Media but you are not sure if it is being done right? Is it adding to your bottom line in a positive way?

Perhaps you are not at all sure about what Social Media is or how it can be used to promote your business, find new customers or build a following of advocates, recommenders, and referrals.  Are you confused by the advertising options and how to make the most of them?

An engaged social media community can be your greatest marketing tool and managed properly can bring you a steady stream of sales leads and enquiries.  

However, I see business owners making the same mistakes time and again – here are my

Top 5 Business Social Mistakes 

  • Using social media for business in the same way we do for personal use.

  • Sharing posts that are little more than flyers

  • Only talking about your business

  • Inconsistent branding or messaging across Social Media platforms

  • Trying to cover every possible Social Media channel


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What is an LMS?

What is an LMS?

  Photo by Christin Hume on Unsplash I am embarking on a series of articles about the technology, companies and organisations I partner with.  Each technology in this series has been tried and tested by me and selected from its sector to work with more closely.  This...

Networking Tips for Small Business Part IV – After The Event

Networking Tips for Small Business Part IV – After The Event

You return from your networking event, yes you made it out the other side!  You may have no idea what words eventually came out of your mouth or who you have spoken to, but you do have a pocket full of business cards, some flyers and possibly some notes.  There are...

Networking Tips for UK Small Business Part III – At The Event

Networking Tips for UK Small Business Part III – At The Event

You’ve arrived at your networking event, you’ve got your 30-second intro (or however long the event allows) is running through your head for that moment you have to introduce yourself.  At some point, there is going to be ‘open networking’.  This is your chance to...

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